Ships, Boats, Islands and Tesla Batteries for Solar Energy Storage

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Battery Nerd Porn for Tesla Model 3 2170 Cells

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Model 3 CAN bus Connections.

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Recalling the Army.

I’m running a bit behind on written articles in the blog, or perhaps a bit ahead on videos.  I forget which.  In any event we’ll discuss the last two videos simultaneously and at the same time, concurrently, together, and in aggregate, as a group, together. In our video of January 17, 2019, we open up …

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Solar Battery Frenzy

We’re partying like rock stars at EVTV. The jist of our mirth revolves around making LARGE batteries out of Tesla Model S Battery Modules and using AC coupling from grid-interactive inverters to harvest sunshine into the batteries. This was widely reported as impossible. And it turns out it is not only possible, but very nearly …

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Solar MQTT. Selfish Solar on a Global Scale – BOB (Battery on Board).

Hurricane Florence again pointed up both the vulnerability of our grid system and the advantages of solar power – along with its’ principle weakness. Duke Energy is an interesting case.  This utility grid operator is putting in solar photovoltaics at a furious pace all over the southeast.   The largest is at the Warsaw Solar …

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Tesla to a T

Tesla continues to awe and amaze the aborigines.  Elon announced Friday that he was reversing position and backing away from his plan to take Tesla private.  I for one am quite relieved.  I have publicly stated that Tesla has some enormous blue sky opportunities ahead and have predicted a stock price of $1500 by February …

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Tesla and Apple – AppleT Destiny Denied

Selling yesterday. Buying back in today at a lower price. The Tesla ShitStorm continues unabated. Two law firms have launched “investigations” into Elon Musk’s “stock manipulation”. With his avowal to burn the shorts, and his announcement this week to take the stock public at $420, a case can be made. And these class action lawsuits …

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