V2 Model S Module Controller

V2 Firmware History: Version 1.75 Added check for Enphase Envoy and to retrieve power values for Enphase if found. E or e toggles Enphase search and data retrieval. Version 1.79 Revised to use EITHER HEATENABLE or CHARGENABLE for frequency shift. If CUTOFF=RESUME use charge enable If HITEMP=LOTEMP use the HEATENABLE. If neither are equality they […]

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GEVCU7 Overview

Hardware Overview: GEVCU7 is based around a Teensy MicroMod controller card (the red card in the above picture). This card runs at 600MHz, has 16MB of FLASH, and 1M of RAM. There is a microSD slot directly interfaced to the processor over a high speed connection. This can be used for firmware upgrades as well

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Model S Modules

The Module Itself:   Each module consists of six “cells” of nominal 3.6vdc consisting of 74 Panasonic NCA 18650 cylindrical battery cells of approximately 3.2Ah capacity in parallel. This 6S74P configuration then features a nominal voltage of 21.6v at 233 Ampere-hours for 5032 Watt-hour capacity. Dimensions: Length 27 in / 685mm Total width with mounting

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