Speedster Redux

On The Road Again….

Well, we kinda/sorta have the Speedster Redux back on the road again. We’re a little ginger with the new motor/controller combination with the brush seating issue. But even at a 2000A/sec slew rate we got a 10 second 0-60 time. Hardly anything to brag about I’m afraid. I think we can improve it, but the …

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Plasma Ball Charge Station and Speedster Redux Controller Mounting

This week we welcome Anthony Bagnulo as a visitor from Ottowa Ontario. Anthony came down for 10 days to work with us and see the EV thing first hand. Apparently, we’re not showing the full metal jacket EV building experience in sufficient detail. In this edition, we have a bit of fun with an oversized …

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First Show 2011

Well, we have posted our first show of 2011 and it is pretty good, if I mention it myself. An hour and 48 minutes. We had recently posted a couple of photos of a horrific electric vehicle fire that occurred on an Oslo Ferry, burning up the car, the car next to it, and extensively …

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Starting All Over Again

It’s December in Missouri. We endure short, dark, cold days now with ghostly winds and a heavy dampness. It is notably wretched. The problem with global warming is that it means different things to different people. Climate change is mostly frightening to those who have a good climate to start with – ergo the concern …

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