July 2011

Build Your Own J1772 Charge Station – The Electric Porsche 914

This week we feature Richard Rodriguez’s excellent Porsche 914 Targa build. Richard shot an excellent video walk around of this car, which does 100 mph and of course over 100 miles range using somewhat unusual Voltronix batteries from Flux Power. Flux Power was started by the ex-CEO of Aptera Motors. [jwplayer file=”news072211 – iPhone.mov” hd.file=”news072211-1280.mov” …

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Batteries and Things

After a week off, we did get a video out this week. It’s a little hosed up. I have the new Final Cut Pro X editing software and it has a few problems I’m struggling with. We had some news on the J1772 front. Clipper Creek actually made some sort of internal error and SHIPPED …

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Innovation Party

Despite my last post regarding the miniscule number of actual electric cars on the road, and admonition that we are firmly at the BEGINNING of the tinkerer/innovator market stage, the wider press frenzy and flurry of OEM press releases has had an effect of urgency. Although remaining largely unobtanium, the blizzard has certainly spurred the …

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