Now, don’t make a fuss dear, I’ll have your SPAM

As, no doubt, many of you noticed, it has been impossible to register for an account on our site and impossible to get a password reset email. Basically, no email related functions at all worked. But, as luck would have it, guess who did not realize this important chunk of information? So, sorry about that! The culprit ends up being Amazon being over zealous and me being oblivious. Who knew the spam was a big problem with email? Amazon, quite understandably, does not want to be the spam capital of the world and so they won’t let random web servers on their network directly send emails to people, hence the trouble we were having. However, I was not aware of this fact and so no emails have been sent from our site for well over a month. I finally realized the problem recently and set out to correct it. It turns out, it is not all that easy to convince Amazon that you aren’t a spammer. But, things should be good again! If you were registered in the past or registered recently and got no email, please try the password reset and you should receive an email and be able to set a password and log in.

And, now for something completely different! Back to our normal content. But, do let us know if you have any problems.

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