February 2011

It’s TWINS…..

It’s Christmas at EVTV. We’ve received a couple of long awaited shipments. The most exciting is of course from Jim Husted – our Siamese Twin Netgain Warp 11 motors – assembled onto a single 100mm shaft. This motor has beefed up brush connections, beefed up field windings, and the new Helwig split brush redtop brushes. […]

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Buyer Beware

Not much going on this week. We’ve been suffering component and supplier setbacks and it is a reminder of the environment we are unfortunately in. The James Morrison EVCompnents case is devolving into a legal morass that has gone on for a year now. Forty three customers were bilked outright of their money – checks

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On The Road Again….

Well, we kinda/sorta have the Speedster Redux back on the road again. We’re a little ginger with the new motor/controller combination with the brush seating issue. But even at a 2000A/sec slew rate we got a 10 second 0-60 time. Hardly anything to brag about I’m afraid. I think we can improve it, but the

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