Month: September 2011


Jack Rickard and George Hamstra at EVCCON 2011. Electric cars rolling out of 100,000 garages across the land. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way…. I LOVED this photo…. Thanks George…

EVTV Build Your Dream Contest Winner Announced at EVCCON 2011

The Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention is mostly over. Actually about 16 showed up at the house for Sunday dinner and we’ve had three or four linger till midweek – the convention that just won’t end. I’m drained and recovering. We have a TON of video and photos – actually it has me a bit overwhelmed. …

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EVTV on National Public Radio.

Jacob Mcclelland of local NPR affiliate KRCU has kind of broken into the national story team at National Public Radio with one of his first national stories – about EVTV. Aired this morning, September 21, 2011 on NPR’s Morning Edition. Our congratulations to Jacob on getting into national reporting and our appreciation for this very …

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EVCCON 2011 – September 21-25, Cape Girardeau Missouri

A little update on the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention. I got the program guide done and off to the printer. Hopefully it will be printed and back in time for the convention. But I thought some not coming might want to take a look and see what they’ll be missing. Enjoy. Jack

Testing, testing….one… two … .three

The online milieu offers enormous opportunities for learning and information about topics of interest. In the early dreams of a global internet, this ability to pool the expertise of many individuals around very narrow topics of interest was one of the greatest boons foreseen. Unfortunately, in many ways it has turned into a cesspool. There …

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