Month: May 2011

Let the Voting Begin

This may indeed be our longest show ever – right at three hours of HD video. We had a number of interesting developments and breakdowns in the shop, and then we introduce the TEN finalists in the EVTV “Build Your Dream” EV components contest. Each of the sponsors selected two of the 955 entries received, …

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The EVTV Conversion Shop – We Don’t Do Requests.

Wayne Alexander has probably the most ACTIVE EV conversion shop in all Christendom with EVBlue. ¬†Wayne’s philosophy is “give the customer what he wants”. I’m a little bit of a crank I suppose. ¬†Were I to do a conversion shop, it would be more like “give the customer what you want them to have.” We’ve …

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Call it a Week….

This week we round up some various and largely unrelated items for your viewing pleasure. We actually had a number of interesting things planned, and NONE of them really panned out. It was one disaster after another. The result was there really wasn’t much to show. Busted…. [jwplayer file=”news042911 – iPhone.m4v” hd.file=”” image=”” streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp” …

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