Speedster Duh

The Quiet Drive

This week we start to wrap up the Speedster Part Duh and send it off to Special Editions Inc. in Bremen so they can have a look at what we’ve wrought. We did something a little unusual in the video. We have found a way to do “pretty good” audio in a windy convertible. And …

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Speedster Part Duh Performance Testing

We completed some initial performance testing yesterday on Speedster Part Duh.  We had rather carefully spec’s a very different transaxle for this version in an attempt to get all four gears in the game in an attempt to duplicate the driving characteristics of the original Speedster, and perhaps of course improve upon them where able. …

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Speedster Pictorial Diagrams

I’ve cobbled together some “pictorial diagrams” showing the wiring of the Speedster. These are a bit awkward. Rather than drawing schematics, I’ve kind of put together a bit of a wiring diagram using little pictures that might be more understandable to those unaccustomed to schematic diagrams, and probably annoying to those who are. I’ve split …

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