August 2018

Tesla to a T

Tesla continues to awe and amaze the aborigines.  Elon announced Friday that he was reversing position and backing away from his plan to take Tesla private.  I for one am quite relieved.  I have publicly stated that Tesla has some enormous blue sky opportunities ahead and have predicted a stock price of $1500 by February …

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Tesla and Apple – AppleT Destiny Denied

Selling yesterday. Buying back in today at a lower price. The Tesla ShitStorm continues unabated. Two law firms have launched “investigations” into Elon Musk’s “stock manipulation”. With his avowal to burn the shorts, and his announcement this week to take the stock public at $420, a case can be made. And these class action lawsuits …

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Tesla ShitStorm

A scant 24 hours into the ShitsStorm set off by Elon Musk’s 420 tweet and I’ve rather had a change of heart on the whole matter. My two personal heroes in this season of life are Donald J. Trump and Elon Musk. And it is striking how similar the national disconnect is on both men. …

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