Fast, Fun, No Gas. Reasons for EV Adoption

For the past few months I’ve been on the “rubber chicken” circuit speaking to local business groups and service organizations about the benefits of electric drive as a viable alternative to I.C.E. vehicles. 

While most people are quite amenable to the concept of electric vehicles, with an EV owner or two now in each audience, some are not yet convinced of their viability. At least we’re making progress. What is interesting is that a small group is openly hostile to the concept. WTF? Doesn’t everyone know that EVs are the answer to all of the ills that befall mankind? From global warming and fouling the air, to noise pollution, our savior has finally arrived.

My presentation is a two-way street with plenty of opportunity for questions and frank discussion. Aside from the innocuous questions that I have been asked since 2008, like “How fast does it go?” and “How far can it go on a charge?” are what I term the “Nouveau Thoughtful” questions including:

With these I can offer answers that serve up tasty tidbits to tickle their interest and assuage any fears. They range from environmental benefits and improved technology, that governments and companies encourage EV use, that EVs have lower operating costs, are quieter to drive, produce fewer emissions…

and that the availability of charging infrastructure and the initial cost of EVs may be challenging to their widespread adoption in the future. Not bad, huh?

Then there are the “gotcha” questions designed to trip me up and make me look like a fool. Good luck. I can do that by myself. Allow me the opportunity to enlighten you with examples of the most frequently asked ones:

The answers to all of these “gotcha” questions is “false!” The long-term supply for all the key minerals easily exceed total future requirements, most manufacturers offer battery warranties of at least eight years, electrifying the entire US light-duty vehicle fleet by 2050 will require less than 1% growth per year in overall electricity generation, far more damage to roads and bridges is caused by weightier vehicles such as semi trucks, and emergency services were called to around 30 fires per 100,000 standard cars on the road per year during 2018-2022, compared with around five EV fires per 100,000 vehicles. 

But why do we have this sliver of EV haters? Smart phones? Mindless entertainment? Public education? Bad parenting? Liquid Death? I don’t know but let me give you some examples of EV hate that has been making its way through blogs, social media, mainstream media and just about anyone with an internet connection trying to type themselves smart (#7 on Jack Rickard’s 11 Incontrovertible Rules):

Nation’s Guardrail System Can’t Handle Heavy Electric Vehicles (NBC News)

Why America’s Car Buyers Are Rethinking EVs (Bloomberg)

EVs Were Supposed to be the Answer… Now They’re the Problem (Barron’s)

The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles (The Atlantic)

Top 10 Reasons All-Electric Is a Bad Idea  (National Propane Gas Association)

8 Reasons Why Electric Car Owners Regret Their Purchase (

20 Reasons Not To Buy An Electric Car – The Dark Side of Electric Cars

15 Disadvantages Of Electric Cars (Top Speed)

4 Reasons You Should Not Buy an Electric Car in 2023 (yahoo Finance)

Revealed: How US transition to Electric Cars Threatens Environmental Havoc (Guardian)

Smaller EV Brands Outperform Big Players in November Registrations (Automotive News)

Ten Reasons Electric Cars Still Suck: We Unplug the EV hype (Cnet)

10 Reasons Why Electric Cars Still Suck (carBuzz)

The Journey Toward Electric Vehicles Has Hit a Rough Patch. Sales are Cooling Off (NPR)

Alrighty then! Apparently, even the best and brightest among us are susceptible to manipulation by the deep state and its witting accomplices in the mediasphere.

So now it makes sense that my religion by birth has produced numbskulled authors who have weighed in on the “dark underbelly of the EV industry” and the “unholy alliance” between government and business:

Electric Vehicles Still fuel a Throwaway Culture (

The Dark Secret Behind the Drive for Electric Vehicles (

The most illuminating, and hilarious, outcome of this last situation is that of a nun, whose name I will keep confidential so as to not force her into hiding. She responded to one of these articles with a “What the Fudge?” rant asking why the authors took a detour from the teachings of Jesus and stepped into the cesspool of politics and commerce without a clue as to what they are speaking?

I know this was a circuitous route to get to the answer of why most of us should be driving electric vehicles. If you were paying attention, the answer was in the title of the blog. They’re Fast, Fun, No Gas.

2 thoughts on “Fast, Fun, No Gas. Reasons for EV Adoption”

  1. LOL, I don’t even argue with these people any more, I simply tell them then don’t buy one. Then they attempt to explain to me how the Federal Gov is going to force them into an EV. Sometimes I have to ask if they understand just how stupid they sound. 100yrs ago horse and buggy guys said cars were a fad so we are all in good company. The fact is technology can’t be stopped and you either get onboard or get left behind. I’m moving forward.

  2. Well, after 10+ years using purely converted EVs, having switched my career into this unattended business model (unattended by OEMs), having met Jack Rickard in EVCCON2012, I can say:

    Indeed: An EV is NOT for everyone, it solves only about 90 to 95% of your daily commute needs. In practical terms, it is a solution for about 50% of the people, but most of them do not know it is an investment, not a Capital Expense as any ICE vehicle: You get an EV, you will get your money back in energy and maintenance savings! This will never happen in any ICE. Now an OEM EV or a Converted EV:

    1) A conversion is better than any OEM EV, including TESLA, BMW, VW, Nissan, BYD and all others. Why? If your are really an environmentalist you know or you should know:

    2) Conversions really reduce pollution by eliminating emissions from very inefficient ICE vehicles.

    3) Conversions will never increase heavy traffic by re-using existing vehicles (and batteries 😉 whereas Millions of new OEM EVs will increase the nightmare driving in any city. A conversion has an implicit silent shout/demand: NO MORE CARS! No more traffic!

    4) Nowadays A good conversion will have 100+ mile range up to 200+ range and good highway speeds. More than enough for the vast majority of people in day to day life.

    5) We DO NOT NEED Fast Charge. How many hours is your car parked in a day? How many hours do you actually DRIVE it? Well, it is around 20 vs 4 at most. So 20 hours are more than enough to recharge your car. J1772 is enough with a 6KW charger.

    6) A conversion is customizable to the user’s needs. The user chooses the car AND range, this is not a pre-packaged car. So we do not impose a car model or range, it is the end user who decides.

    It’s a shame most EV conversion businesses have closed operations because “we can finally buy an OEM EV”, this conversions movement had its origins back in the 90’s, more silently than the launch of the WWW (Mosaic/Netscape), a time when there were no Lithium cells. Jack rickard entered into this… circa 2008 to post “a convenient response to an inconvenient truth” with its 1957 Porsche Speedster videos in 2009.

    BTW, I’m starting a conversion to the same car, using the same 9” DC technologies, with better range of course thanks to the NCM cells, We have only 2 week time to deliver the car and show it in the International Elegance Classic Car Competition. We will be in a stage close to PORSCHE (OEM), I am eager to see them watching “their” old Porsche, now fully electric. Another customer has a 911, but he can’t come, another one has a Karmann Ghia, we’ll see. The Speedster has some mechanical issues that need repairs.

    I bought the RPM Sensor from EVTV 2 weeks ago and I just tested the original tach, it works!

    This Wednesday I delivered a Classic VW with just 60Mile range, the customer is happy, a budget conversion, with expandable range by adding cells.

    Long life to EV Conversions.

    Missing Jack Rickard.

    When are you going to re-launch The Registry? It was better than EValbum, you had an online magazine also, it was very cool, I can’t see any of them.

    Best regards Brian! Keep posting articles.

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