Speedster Part Duh Performance Testing

We completed some initial performance testing yesterday on Speedster Part Duh.  We had rather carefully spec’s a very different transaxle for this version in an attempt to get all four gears in the game in an attempt to duplicate the driving characteristics of the original Speedster, and perhaps of course improve upon them where able.

The result is the car shifts smoothly through all four and all the ratios feel like they belong there and are needed.   With the very low mounted battery weight and stiffer springs, the car drives very flat and there is no real hint of oversteer on curves.

In acceleration testing, we wanted to compare the acceleration times to various speeds with the original 1957 Porsche 356A with the 1600cc engine.   For me, this is the definitive Porsche Speedster.

We took the original data from the book Porsche 356, Driving in its Purest Form by Dirk-Michael Conradt.  This is an excellent production history of the Porsche 356 in all variants.

The results are given below.  With the new transaxle gearing, we compare very favorably through all four gears.


Conditions were 96F, wind calm on flat road.

Jack Rickard


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