We’re baaaaack!

Thank you for your patience as we transitioned to a new website and store. We now have our web store back up and running! We will continue to strive to create the best experience possible and hope you will check back for more updates in the future.

7 thoughts on “We’re baaaaack!”

  1. Can someone provide a link that works for the V2 manual? The link in the video is not working and my emails sent to sales@evtv.me was undeliverable. I just ordered additional components from EVTV that arrived today, so I am ready to move forward.

  2. lowryslandingfarm

    I just logged into the new site as I have been researching used Tesla batteries for a new solar project on my shop that I intend to build.
    Tony surprise the site had changed.
    I chose to comment on this particular blog post because of the Jackien comment “we’re baaaaaaa-ack, I miss Jack and was recently re-watching or better said binge watching some of the old Jack material on using Tesla batteries for selfish solar.
    Jack always ahead of his time predicted that the used batteries would come down in price, ergo I have been scouring the inter webs mostly eBay for used Tesla batteries. Interestingly I have found they are now in my target price range. Particularly the model S, so it is with great relief that I can now proceed with my plan to add about 16-18 kwp solar with battery back up to my shop.
    I already have that size running my house, but opted out of the batteries as I thought they were cost prohibitive at that time.
    Cheers to you Collin and all of the EVTV crew. I hope to be using some of the products for my future selfish solar.
    Thanks and Regards from a A big Jack and EVTV fan,
    Jeff Lowry

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