All the News That’s Fit to Print

Or Why Do I Do What I Do and Why You Should Too.

I received a phone call the other day from a gentleman whom it quickly became apparent that I had much in common. Both raised in the Midwest, staring out in the U.S. Navy in a very technical field, and we had both done rather well in life. He had amassed a fortune in real estate but at the age of 52, was not very happy – with a gorgeous wife, a huge modern home, any car he liked, and a $40 million commercial real estate empire. He was left unsatisfied and empty with no joy in his life.

And his central question was about whether or not I was “happy”.

Now in my family, guys didn’t talk much about “happy”. I don’t recall ever once hearing my father inquire as to whether or not I was “happy” and I have to confess, in all our put togethers I never once asked him if he was “happy”. Girls talked about happy all the time. In my world, guys just didn’t. First, it didn’t matter. You did what you needed to do happy or not. And second, nobody else really cared. You were supposed to make THEM happy or at least fed and secure. You were a guy.

My son actually told me at one point that he wasn’t happy. He’d been living with three sisters and a mother so I guess that is where he had gotten that talk. But I perhaps not very sensitively told him that it didn’t matter if he was happy or not. He was a guy and nobody gave a shit if he was happy. But if anything was amiss, it would be up to him to fix it for his own future family and including any screwups by his sisters and mother as well. Fair or unfair son, it’s on your watch. You’re a guy and that’s what the gig is. And nobody cares if you are happy.

Apparently it was the wrong response as he later decided to become a girl.

But my response to the caller was that I was quite beyond “happy” and found joy and meaning in each and every day and could hardly wait to get up each morning and do it all over again. I only sleep when my knees buckle and I actually go down hard, and that has admittedly become earlier and more frequent as the orbits around the sun accrue, the weight increases, and the energy wanes. But I can scarce imagine being happier or what I would do if I were. I live on the most gorgeous planet in the universe, overrun with life so abundant you can’t keep the chiggers off of you, in a universe mostly known for being cold, sterile, and lifeless by all observation to date. It is high privilege to be here at all.

As we had each rather succeeded beyond expectations with regards to careers and fortune, and as we had each married well and often, and had gorgeous fabulous wives, why was I “happy” and he wasn’t?

And so I’ve given that some thought and I believe I know the answer. But it goes quite beyond he and I. Between 1999 and 2016, suicide rates in the United States have increased an astounding 25%. That is the known and reported rates of suicide. Some 25,000 people per year. But there is another statistic even more troubling. We now lose 60,000 people per year to opiate overdose. Yeah, it’s unfortunate that people are so disenchanted they turn to drugs to find joy. But that’s not the part that strikes me.

People addicted to opiates take opiates EVERY DAY. They know EXACTLY what they are doing and EXACTLY how much to take. So why so many “accidental” overdoses. In a recent NPR interview a woman who had been there and done that put it rather succinctly. She acknowledged that she routinely traded sex with anyone anywhere to get her drugs and was NOT enured to it but constantly tortured by the humilation and debasement of it all. She admitted she had lied to and defrauded her own mother for money to get drugs and in the end simply stole from her outright at the end whenever she could. Her own mother.

And she reached the point where there was simply NO HOPE of escaping the addiction, and her descent into a living breathing hell on earth had no escape hatch. She was in a downward spiral and had no way out.

Fortunately, someone intervened and she was indeed struggling to recover but she openly derided the idea that drug overdose was “accidental”. She would estimate that 90% or MORE of these “accidental” overdoses were not accidental at all. They were quite deliberate. The final solution – a way out.

So it is very likely that the increased suicide rates and the increased opiate addiction are not only related, but work together to understate enormously the number of people SO unhappy that they would end their lives prematurely and by their own hand.

And the perception is that we live in terrible times, on a planet and society devolving to chaos, and the good old days are forever gone. School shootings are becoming NORMAL. Madmen mow down people in a Las Vegas parking lot. ISIS launches mass murder and terror attacks around the world. And poverty and unemployment and war and nuclear armegeddon are inevitable and increasing. If robots don’t take our jobs then AI will exterminate us. Life is truly dire and we are nothing short of the apocalypse – zombies or no.

There’s just one little problem. NONE of it is REAL. IT is a horror FANTASY so laughably inaccurate that any outside observer would find this just HILARIOUS how totally off kilter we as a species are psychologically. And this has an absolutely known cause. The cause is a conspiracy launched by Mike Lindell, of MyPillow, and Flo, from Progressive Insurance, and they are both partying like Rock Stars at our discomfort.

We are hardwired mentally to filter our environment and pay close attention to anything that might pose a threat to our existence. You might be enjoying a sunny day walking through a field of beautiful flowers, but if ONE little tiger appears, the flowers and the day are entirely forgotten and you focus like a laser on that tiger. Butterflies are beautiful but entirely forgotten if one big red barn wasp shows up to spoil the fun.

That’s because the tiger might eat you. The flowers probably won’t. It is natural. It is necessary. And it is an effective mode in favor of long and healthy and happy lives. Avoid tigers. Don’t worry about the flowers.

And so it is quite rational to be nipple deep in rose petals and hundred dollar bills, chomping on a bucket of original recipe, but still worrying fretfully about where your next meal is to come from. Our attention goes to the negative.

Over the course of a hundred years or so, our news media has become an enormous trillion dollar finely-honed business. And it is a competitive business. And the mission strategy is really really simple – capture the attention of large numbers of humanoids and sell that attention to Flo and Mike for cash. They in turn, let you know of their less dangerous offerings and you buy the pillows and insurance in grateful relief.

And so the game becomes find the most horrifyingly negative story you can out of the lives of the seven billion people available, and package it for maximum sensational impact, and get it on the air before the competition does. Don’t worry about the facts. Kind of squishy things anyway. You’re after IMPACT. It’s really pretty simple. If it bleeds it leads. And good news is no news at all.

Charles Kuralt was the only journalist I’ve ever followed with enough intellect to see through the glare. He was rewarded by being shitcanned to a Sunday Morning death slot on CBS – replacing a test pattern originally as I recall. He travelled around the country in an RV finding and telling heart warming stories about real Americans in every day life who did something interesting or heroic in ways large or small. It just didn’t make the cut. No viewers. No advertisers. But slightly better than the test pattern. He closed the show each week with a minute of “dead air” silence and a beautiful nature scene. That gig still marks CBS Sunday Morning Show to this day, largely in memoriam to Charles.

Clickbait on the Internet works in precisely the same way and for precisely the same reasons. And so we are inundated all day every day with horrible scenes of death and mayhem, disaster and evil. And unfortunately, only a very small percentage of the population are REALITY AWARE and able to resist the constant blare of negativity.

For the rest, a certain fatalism sets in. Things are SO bad that there is little or nothing that can be done, and if it were done it would have to be done by something HUGE. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Warren Buffet, or the United States Government. We are essentially assured that all we can do as individuals is sit on the couch and watch the television or Internet and suffer hoping someone somewhere will do something. And buy beer of course. Or pillows. Or even insurance.

I think it is a deliberately Satanic message designed to destroy the world. But the world is just a little hardier and more resilient than expected. Reality DOES happen anyway.

Dr. Steven Pinker is a Canadian-American cognitive psychologist, linguist, and popular science author a year older than myself and seems pretty happy as well. He is Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. His eighth book, Enlightenment Now (2018), uses social science data from various sources to argue for a general improvement of the human condition over recent history. And he’s taken a look at the human condition over recent history to find out whether things are truly going to hell in a handbasket or not. His findings will delight you. Please DO watch this fasincating TEDtalk. He’s about as entertaining as I am but the information is CRUCIALLY important for you to fully understand.

By EVERY metric, poverty, war, homicide, life expectancy, infant mortality, literacy, employment, death on the job, death by terrorist attack, death by automobile, standard of living, death in combat, disease – literally anything you look at remotely related to human happiness, we are not a LITTLE bit better but PROFOUNDLY better off now compared to just 30 years ago and ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE better off by every metric over the past 200 years.

I knew this viscerally and anecdotally but had no idea the MAGNITUDE Of it until this video. We are ABSURDLY better off in every conceivable way. COMICALLY better off. Indeed we live in an age of miracles.

Almost any of half the humanoids on the planet, if they know the magic NUMBER of any other humanoid, can talk to them in real time in less than a minute and at trivial cost. That includes over half of all people on planet everywhere now. The starving babies of Africa haunting my youth now sport American T-shirts and most of them have cell phones.

The Internet allows us to access almost ALL known information with a few keystrokes in a few seconds WORLDWIDE.

Air conditioning in the U.S. is now ubiquitous. We can control our personal temperature in our home, office or car on the hottest July day or in sub zero January nights. Electrical appliances have reduced the work effort just to feed and cloth ourselves and keep our houses up from over 60 hours per week to less than 15 hours per week in the last hundred years. Yes, common electric appliances have granted us an astounding 45 hours of free leisure time PER WEEK by themselves.

And we are orders of magnitude safer from murder, terrorist attack, and war than we have EVER been. That is the REALITY of life on planet earth at the moment.

And none of it is by accident. Individuals have had many many ideas for improvements and enlisted dozens, then hundreds, then thousands then millions in the cause of deploying those ideas. Rome wasn’t invented in a day nor was the washing machine. Our ability to grow food per man hour and per acre has increased several orders of magnitude, not by the wave of a magic wand, but by steady incremental improvements in equipment and process. By EFFORT focused on IMPROVEMENT of key aspects of our daily lives.

And none of that was driven by people sitting on the couch, gobbling oxycontin and watching CNN in despair.

And so a couple of key items for my friend on the phone.

1. I believe we are born on this earth as the enormously powerful spirits, each with a unique set of gifts or “powers” unlike those of anyone who has ever lived here on earth before. We also come equipped with a unique set of challenges, handicaps or limitations and a life before us which will present other challenges at every step along the way.

2. I believe that I was a deliberate act of a creator who loves me completely and is totally absorbed watching to see what I might do with this life on earth, this very unusual opportunity he has given me.

3. I believe that this is NOT an idle training exercise. Life on earth is hazardous duty and the REAL deal and we are acting as cocreators with God in an act of marvelous creation that is very much in process toward the most beautiful and complex piece of artwork in the Universe ever conceived. Every move we make and every breath we take counts either toward perfecting that or destroying it. It is IMPORTANT work.

4. I believe I was personally gifted with an unusual intellect and other gifts at birth that imply and require unusual results. Where much is given, much is asked. I’m not to spend time taking in each others wash and polishing the silver however laudable and worthwhile those tasks are. I should tackle the big problems and work diligently and manfully toward their solution. It doesn’t matter whether I win, lose, or draw, gain recognition, fame, or fortune. I should expend supreme EFFORT at them each and every day over a long period of time until they are completed and that is ALL that matters.

My first rodeo had to do with personal computers and I mostly learned and gained tools from that experience though I did contribute where and as able. Wrote some tutorials and software for the Sinclair, the Commodore 64, and IBM PC.

Rodeo two had to do with a segue into PC’s as communications devices and the formation of a global and free Internet interconnecting everyone everywhere. It was a fully formed vision by 1985 and I and hundreds of others dedicated every waking moment of our lives to it. The hundreds became thousands and the thousands became tens of thousands and the tens of thousands become hundreds of thousands. I more or less had completed my work by 1998 and got out of active work on it though I continue to use and observe it to this day of course. Fifteen years starting at six in the morning and going to midnight seven days a week. I recall one day working 44 hours straight without a break and that rather overran the day.

Rodeo three had to do with converting personal transportation from gasoline based devices to battery powered magnetic drive. Ten years of up at five and working to 6:00 PM seven days per week. Not quite the level of effort I was able to muster in the eighties and nineties but the best I can do. It was and is my belief that this conversion will solve half a dozen problems simultaneously including making our economy much more stable, preventing loss of life and limb by our children in “petrowars”, improving the noise level and level of pollutants in our land and cities, particulate emissions and nitrous oxides most particularly and improve the general health and vitality of our population by not breathing those things in day-in and day-out. And that we can achieve the same or better mobility on 1/5 of the energy used with the earlier technology.

And I am now taking an interest in solar energy storage with the belief that point-of-use generation of electrical power can change the entire world for the better in all ways. It’s 10:00 AM Sunday morning and I’m at it now since 6:00AM. I’ll take the late afternoon and Sunday evening for a family Sunday dinner as I do most Sundays.

I’m thoroughly entranced by the dual magic rocks of lithium battery energy storage and silicon crystal photovoltaics to produce that energy. With no moving parts, no noise, and no emissions of any kind, these magic rocks can convert sunlight into electrical energy and store it for later use. It just doesn’t get any cooler than that. And we can use the power to drive our cars of course. Driving on sunlight.

And so I think the key to having happiness and joy in this life revolves around appreciation and gratitude for the beautiful planet and what we have, while devoting every waking moment to a higher purpose and ideal – a holy mission to improve the entire world. Not a modest mission. Not a doable mission. I launch only at things I know I will probably fail at. Impossible missions. Implausible missions. Suicidal missions.

As I once mentioned to my associate at the time Brian Noto, “I didn’t come all the way to Pebble Beach Golf Club to lay-up”. Then I stuck a 230 yard fairway wood over the cliff, across the bay, and onto the green.

As to money, yes I probably have a lot of it. But I know little about it. I’m not very good at managing it. I’m not very interested in it beyond its ability to buy the next tool or toy directed at the mission. And I don’t even know where it comes from – somehow people have always sent me money in the mail. I think its so I’ll keep working on the mission. And a very fortunate thing, as I three-putted the hole of course, and simply have no future in golf. Or time for it.

And so my advice to my children and to young people everywhere is find something you really like to do, do a hell of a lot of it until you get REALLY good at it, and then devote yourself to an impossible mission much larger than yourself and your own miserable life paying utility bills and cell phone bills and wondering what you look like to others. And by daily devotion to your craft and that mission, you can move the world millimeter-by-millimeter and inch-by-inch. If others want to join you, allow it and show them how it works.

As Steven Pinker suggests, progress is quite possible but it is never inevitable. It requires the long term often unsung and unrewarded efforts of many constructive creative people over long periods of time. Persistent effort over many years usually is more important than sudden breakthroughs or inventions or luck.

And in this way, you assume to yourself and your life, meaning and purpose and joy. You matter. Your LIFE matters. Indeed you are responsible for an entire planet and will be called to task for what you did with it.

And so while my countenance tends toward saturnine, I really am a happy guy. I believe everything I do matters.

Contrast that with a life spent seeking personal comfort and banked wealth far beyond your personal needs. For what? If you don’t know where you are REALLY, why you’re there, and what you are supposed to be doing, how would you ever be happy or have meaning in your life?

As importantly, we are each interconnected in ways the human psyche remains forever oblivious to – by design. Those connections are reality. And every move we make and every breath we take alters the future for all we come in contact with. The example you set, the encouragement you offer, and the correction you offer where needed, has a rippling effect not only on those you are in contact with, but on many of those who they are in turn in contact with as well. You are not made privvy to the lasting effects. But you ARE responsible for the results.

And so you see, George, you really did have a wonderful life.

While loathe to speak for others, I’m told and feel I should point out that this is precisely the process Elon Musk used as well. While in college at Stanford, he reportedly pondered what “missions” would have the greatest impact on life on the planet. He came up with establishing man as a multiplanetary species, electric vehicles, and solar power as the three things most likely to have the greatest beneficial effect on the state of human existence. Subsequently, he has spent every waking moment and every dollar he could beg borrow or steal toward those missions. And all kind of simultaneously. He calls this “finding ways to think about the future that don’t make me sad.”

I do em one at a time, but am perhaps not as gifted as he. But I think you’ll find his life has meaning and purpose, and that his golf game probably sucks as badly as mine.

Jack Rickard

25 thoughts on “All the News That’s Fit to Print”

    1. Thank you Scott. I would urge you to reexamine those statements and positions with which you disagree.
      I understand you couldn’t possibly have erred, as I am officially the last man standing on the Internet who still COULD be wrong…
      Still. Think about it.

      Jack Rickard

  1. So true Jack.
    I am at work Sunday morning solving problems and loving it. I teach my kids to do what they love to do and do it well and they both are succeeding immensely.

    Keep up the great work, now that you have caught the solar storage bug. I have two working solar storage systems now and five electric cars and just can’t get enough of it. Next project is a net zero house and car on a plot of land we have on Grand Cayman Island 😎

  2. Inspiring as always, Jack.

    I like seeing the world through your lenses. I expect that we all do.

    One of the many reasons we read what you write, watch what you record, and follow where you lead.

    I envy you the energy and dedication that you show to your mission.

    Dedication to a higher purpose = happy. What a concept!

  3. ” I should tackle the big problems and work diligently and manfully toward their solution. Doesn’t matter whether I win, lose or draw, gain recognition, fame or fortune. I should expend supreme EFFORT at them each and every day over a long period of time until they are completed and that is ALL that matters.”

    Or, as the Good Book puts it “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might” and again “Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being, for the Lord and not for men”

  4. Hi Jack,
    I am a new Canadian Model 3 owner as of last week and your site has been immensely useful in allowing me to know about this wonderful car in more depth, thank you.

    Your latest piece was an interesting read, some of it I agree with and other parts I have my doudts. I am glad that you consider yourself to be happy most of the time, there are far too many who do not. Thankfully I share your mood.

    I don’t know you well but based on what you have written it is clear that you are a very motivated and active person. My issue is with what is motivating you although there’s an argument to be made that it doesn’t matter so long as the results are the same. I would argue that motivation does matter, what guides a person is essential. My guidance is primarily responsibility to family, responsibility to society, and personal learning and development. For all of these there is no requirement for a God or creator, why would there be?

    I am a professional pilot currently working as an instructor for Flight Safety International, we train airline, corporate and military pilots. In this capacity I would never dream of utilizing ideas which not proven or tested. This adherence to actual knowledge is immensely important.

    You are intensely focused on technological progress and that is important, but what is far more important is human progress – finding out how to make us better humans. The farther we can distance ourselves from Belief and instead embrace knowledge the closer we will be to that goal.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Paul:

      I’m sorry, but there is no equivalency in our positions. So let me put it to you plainly. You are wrong. And you need to fix it with all due haste to avoid a waste of a life.

      The difference is that you have beliefs. I don’t believe in God at all. I know him. And I know quite some about him. And I am simply not tasked to go into the reasons why I know. And it is laughable that I would ever be called to “prove it” to anyone.

      So you have belief. And I have knowledge. And they are not equivalent.

      Without God you DO pretty much lead a meaningless and purposeless life. I know that sounds harsh. But it is absolutely true. And it has nothing to do with “beliefs” testing or proving. I don’t need to go there. I’ve been way past that for many years. And I simply have not been tasked as part of my missions to debate it with you or convince you of anything. You can lead, follow or get the hell out of the way on this one.

      Richard Flentge, whom I grew up with, works for me currently and has had a similar experience. You simple cannot know what you look like to us. I’m sorry. You just don’t.

      If you want help with that contact Richard. He kind of dabbles in that nonsense trying to talk people through it. I simply don’t.

      I offered this blog as instructional and on its own merits. It is a flat statement and it is either true or it isn’t and you can easily perform the experiment by following the steps to see if it works for you. I already know the outcome. If you are truly offended, let me assure you from my deepest depths, that I simply couldn’t possibly care less. It’s kind of for those with an ear to hear.

      If you want to remain among the VAST MAJORITY who are lost, dazed, confused, unhappy, and in despair. I’m ok with all that. It’s a choice and yours to make. I’m rather selective on my missions. and fixing you isn’t among them today.

      Jack Rickard

        1. Sorry Paul. You can rationalize it all you want, but do it privately. I have not “managed to convince myself” at all. I utterly reject your characterizations to dismiss my position. They are infantile and will NOT make you feel better.

          No equivalency. I know. You don’t. Period.


  5. Jack, thanks for being yourself, and sharing, via EVTV.
    I would like to drive down to Cape Girardeau to talk to you for a few minutes. I want to use a Tesla motor to power my next and probably final project, an Experimental state-of-the-art high-subsonic plane for everyone. The motor is perfect to drive my patented (9,212,663) supersonic fan.
    The un-tapped market for private planes in the US is large, if one realizes that in Alaska there are ten times as many planes per capita, as in the lower 48… (2016 GAMA Report) 36,000 x 10 – 360,000. That is 360,000 new private planes.
    In the past I’ve personally earned a Provisional Type Certificate (A19CE) for a 6-plane plane, just in time for the GenAv Market crash in 1969, and have, since about 1990, designed and engineered the basic details for the airframe, including solving the roll-yaw stability problem (patent 5,078,338) for swept-wing planes.; and have had my two sons who are aerospace engineers – Lockheed and Boeing– check the performance estimate.
    Unfortunately I am electronically-challenged… and need practical advice on an inverter/control for the Tesla motor, battery, cooling, etc.
    Since you have admitted to being a pilot too, I thought you might be interested enough lend a few suggestions.
    While I am in good health and still fly at 88, I don’t think I have time for many mistakes, and want to fly my contribution to flying for grass-roots guys, before Going West.
    Email me “Sure”, and I’ll call and try to set up a time convenient for you.

    Terrence O’Neill

    1. Terrence: By all means come for a visit and I’m happy to talk to you. We can easily help with controls for Tesla drive unit.

      That said, it is NOT a good candidate for your supersonic fan and I don’t even need to see the fan or the patent to assure you of that.

      Aviation has a long and detailed history of trying to use automotive engines to power aircraft, and in all cases it has led to failure. And the Tesla motor would not only fail equally and for the same reasons but would likely do even worse for its very own flaws. Primarily, they have to do with cooling and the lack of provision Tesla made for appropriate cooling of their motor and inverter.

      Here’s the problem. Automotive engines operate at full power for six seconds. The rest of the time they are idling around at 15%. Imagine flying your aircraft at 15% power. THEN it would work. But boats and aircraft operate engines typically at 80% power for hours on end. That’s a different kind of engine. And a Tesla Drive Unit would be notably poor at that kind of duty cycle.


      1. Thanks. Jack. Yes, that was my primary concern – cooling. I’ll come and we can clarify my problem and use, to see if there’s a solution. Siemens is already flying EVs in Europe, as you probably know. Will try to make it tomorrow a.m…a couple of hours drive from Carlyle.

  6. The mentioning of the Sinclair and Commodore64 but a grin on my face. Been a long time Jack, and at times feels unreal.

    Especially when you mention it to people today, and get a long stare. lol


  7. Very very interesting Jack… I know a guy like this too. Funny… back in the day we didn’t talk much about happiness either among us guys… we just did “whatever it takes” to get the job done, and counted this as Happiness. Thanks for your perspective. Dan

    1. Well all that is true but intended as prelude. Kind of “where I’m coming from” on the topic generally. But the heart of the melon is that to be “happy” and have a joyful life basically requires you to devote your life, liberty and treasure to something higher than yourself. A true awareness of really who you are and why you are here and about God is central to that. And I’m not really referring to classic “religions” and rituals. But to a visceral understanding of it spiritually. But the simple act is to not worry about making a living and not worry about paying the utility bills – go find something that needs fixing and start in on it. And something BIG. A worthy goal and ideal. Something you really can’t possibly achieve in one lifetime. And start chipping away at it. A little every day. Might surprise yourself what you actually CAN do to move the planet a few centimeters to the left in just a scant decade or two of steady effort.

      In this way, your life has purpose and meaning and you have no fears of what is to become of you, death, or the hereafter. You did your best. And it will all work for the best. And you and all your loved ones will be fine.

    1. Giving investment advice is pretty dangerous stuff Randy. I would hate for any of our viewers to incur financial loss based on my ravings and certainly in any day trading sense.

      LONG TERM I think Tesla will see $1500 within 60 months. And have said so publicly.

      But I will share with you privately that I did go down and dirty on 200 contracts for September 21 $400 calls in late May when the stock was running about $275. Today at $370 I’m feeling pretty good as it bought my MOdel 3, another Model 3, and could do all that three more times at the moment. But I’m kind of hanging on.

      Elon had a VERY odd tweet today. I had tweeted him with a “Life Alert on STUN, cinch up your depends” note on the “short squeeze” I think is coming. He today tweeted that the shorts were going to implode in 3 weeks.

      Now we ALL know he has claimed he would reach 5000 units by the end of June and we ALL KNOW that he’ll be close enough to announce he has whether or not he can sustain it. So why this crytic thing about 3 weeks. It is the 18th of June now….

      He just bought $25 million in Tesla stock himself last month and has public said several times he’s going to put a world of hurt on the shorts. But relying on reaching the 5000 units per week, while a positive outcome, seems a little lame for all this shortbusting braggadacio. As you know, I find overkill always appropriate and when playing whack a mole, I like to whack HARD. And there is some in common between us in some odd ways.

      So I have to believe there is something “special” about three weeks from today or thereabouts. And achieving 5000 units per week is good, but not really “special” with the proper Dana Carvey church lady inflection on the word. So what would that something special be?

      I can only conjecture. And I have no information to go on. And your guess is as good as mine, though actually it isn’t as I’m really good at this shit.

      Looking around, I don’t seem much earth shattering to unveil. Everything has been unveiled to death.

      Well, everything but the Model Y. We have never really seen what it looks like. But an SUV based on the Model 3 would be a pretty easy change. ANd SUV’s outsell sedans in this country by about a ton. So if we had a Model 3 SUV without the goofy falcon doors and hepa filters, base price $41k say. And we showed it early July and announced operators standing by to take your credit card….

      Just saying with a 30% overhang on shorts…. that’s what I would do ready or not. At 5000 per month the Model 3 which can’t be built story has pretty much run its course. He doesn’t really need to sleep on a couch anymore. And what would make that point more poignantly than rolling out the Model Y. A body variant of the 3 really. Still four normal doors and a hatchback that sat a little higher and had a bit more of a roof. That generates a little more moola per unit that nobody minds paying to get the SUV crossover version. Kind of ends the production debate even if they aren’t REALLY quite there, they are there enough. And shipping in a year and a half or two years just like the Model 3 was. Taking deposits and racking up about a half million of them almost immediately…. well you get the idea.

      THAT would be putting the hurt on the shorts.

      ANd why would he announce that today? On Sunday night he released a memo about discovery of a Tesla employee “sabateur” who had intentional wrecked some OS code in their manufacturing assembly machine and had revealed details to third parties out side of the firm. Most likely the shorts have actually become so desperate they have paid an insider to wreck the assembly process to cause the stock to drop. Wow. Alt left libtard as day traders now?

      I never get even. I don’t think Musk much likes “even” either.

      So all common sense tells me to take my ticket to the window and bank my winnings. But I just have to ride this one out. If he pulls this off the way I think it is going to go down, you will see short capitulation and the current tip toe to the exits will most likely become a human stampede with piles of bodies at the exit doors. We could see $600 to $700 temporarily.

      And the shorts will be living IN their cars under the overpasses all over the country. Vainly demanding the SEC do something about this insider trading and obvious violation of law in the process of just running his company.

      But I’m not a stock analyst and I don’t even play one on TV. So take my advice and do whatever you think best….

      Of course, you would be quite surprised to learn the number of EVTV viewers over the years whose Model S came at a surprisingly low out of pocket expense… if you know what I mean. I like Tesla cars. I like them especially when Tesla buys them for me.

      Jack Rickard

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