It’s the day after EVCCON. I’m beaten down to a pile two and a half feet tall and six feet in diameter. Until last night, I had about 11 hours sleep spread across six days. It’s a good tired. But I’m left stunned, dazed, and confused.

Attendance was a disappointment with slightly over 200 people and about 40 cars. But the event was intense, the cars a huge step up in build quality and innovation, and the ShowMeCenter arena proved a stunning venue for this event. The vendors, instead of a couple of limp tables
with no activity like last year, was a small single row wall along the length of the facility, and there was a double line of people in front of them all day every day. Lot’s of sekert stuff and new announcements. And total surprises – John Metric, new President of NEDRA, and Rich Rudman of Manzanita partying like Rock Stars and clearly getting down with their badselves. By Thursday I thought nothing could surprise me any longer.

In short, this was the most intense convention experience I’ve ever had anywhere. The group was stellar, just gentlemen scholars all with never a sour word the whole week. It was in short, just not believable. If you weren’t there, I can’t share it with you because you will be absolutely cetain I’m lying. It simply could not be. So I won’t bother. Secret revenge on a handful close to me that I thought would be there but pulled out at the last minute.

Despite avowing that there could be no video for you stay at homes, at the last minute I worked a deal with Andrew McClary of Electric Hot Rod Video to come and shoot what he could and do with it as he might. He got some stunning stuff and is as I write editing it down to something that at least provides a summary and has a shot at capturing the feel. I can’t wait to see it and have high hopes for this. Here’s a teaser – hardly a trailer really.

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Ron Adamowicz DID pull out but then at the last minute reversed and showed up for the event. Our track is really not setup for real drag racers and we simply do not have enough runout space to really step on it in one of these high powered vehicles safely. He STILL posted an 11.2 just in an exhibition run. The car looks like a bitch in black and as you know I have a weakness for ladies of a darker persuasion. And wo we are sponsoring WARP FACTOR III for the 2013 season. Thanks for being there for us Ron. It was the hit of the drag racing event of course.

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Quick impressions. Sebastien Bourgois and EVNetics announced a high powered DC-DC charger product based on their Soliton line that will undoubtedly be a major factor in the future. George Hamstra and Netgain Motors absolutely stunned the assembly with an entire LINE of AC motors and controllers ranging from 30kw theoretically up to 600kW in automotive grade from a Korean source they have just this week signed the contract with. And so Netgain, it would appear, will finally bring us a true combination AC motor and inverter in significant power. No word on pricing yet but it looked like under 300v (my dream come to life) and hopefully at an achievable price point instead of the ridiculous $30,000 solutions that have been barely hanging out there.

Ryan Bohn has brought to life and actually showed at the event a device called the PulsaR. R being me. I worked with him intensely on the specification for this device and funded the early development of this. It will charge packs up to 370 volts at up to 300 amps from a DC source of up to 500volts – the clear path to fast charging. It also is entirely OBDII CANbus. You will be able to read all about it on an Android app called TORQUE and indeed configure it by Android app. It also features a 100 amp 3-phase rectifier input allowing charging from any AC source – full J1772 compatibility built in AND a 53 ampere 12volt DC-DC converter to power your 12vdc bus. All connections internal with NO exposed terminals – cables fed through gland nuts.

This is not just a charger for your car allowing fast charge when a connector and CANbus standard is finally settled, but if you take it out of a car and set it on a pile of batteries, it BECOMES a fast charge station. Indeed it charges in EITHER direction DC-DC so I can put one in the Escalade and use it to charge the Escalade by AC or DC, but further use the Escalade as a service vehicle, using the onboard 76kWh pack to “jump charge” smaller vehicles like Speedsers at 300 amps. The Speedster doesnn’t need to have a charger at all. The device is $3000. We should have 10 in stock at EVTV by November 15. We’ll probably put it up for pre-order this week or next.

Following later is a $4000 version with built in 500 amp controller. And they’ve left the door open to higher powered devices in the future, demand determining development there. They continue to offer their very strong 1400 amp Warp Drive Industrial which will work very well in tandem with this for obvious reasons.

We found out ANOTHER builder was bilked out of $19,000 on a battery pack. Very reluctantly we are looking at developing a “Preferred Provider” list of online component sources. I have to gen up some kind of online survey kind of thing, verification of negative comments, and so forth. I haven’t got it all thought through at this point, but it is a thing that just has to be done and it would appear we are going to have to do it. The effect of these frauds are simply chilling to the continued expansion of the DIY movement. If we have to do it, it is not going to be free to these vendors. In fact, I promise to make it hurt. But for end users, this thing of sending in tens of thousands of dollars to buy products they do not receive IS going to end, and not be me personally stocking every freaking component on the planet in my garage. We shouldn’t properly even be IN the components business at all.

We have not announced an EVCCON 2013 at all. We are reviewing this years – probably the second year we have net net essentially paid people to come. My philosophy is if they don’t vote in decimal, the vote doesn’t count. Right now I would guess we’re looking at EVCCON being an intense experience for a very select few, and not economically viable nor apparently needed. The logistics involved to participate may just be too daunting. But I’m going to look at it with an open mind over the next month and see what’s possible. We might change it, we might keep it, and we might kill it off. The first two were intensely pleasurable acts, but doing that sort of thing by yourself is basically a widespread public version of masturbation. Not a thing you want to be caught in public doing.

My opening remarks for this years presented below. Interesting, but not a very polished performance I fear.
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  1. Jack,

    Thanks for putting on such a great event for the EV community. I was very glad that I was able to attend. It was a very humbling experience to meet and talk to so many talented individuals. I learned so much in just a few days. I hope that I made some friends that I can keep in touch with.

    I certainly am not qualified to advise you on the possibility of EVCCON 2013, but if you have it, I would certainly attend. I had kind of decided that I was too old to play in this game as a business. However, after digesting all of the input from EVCCON, I may have to give it a try. I am not sure that switch would have tripped if I had not attended the event.

    P.S. If anyone wants my contact Info just drop a note to:

  2. MANY thanks to Jack, Richard, Phyllis and all the EVTV crew for staging such a remarkable event.

    During EVCCON the UK electric land speed record was broken: at 4 mph SLOWER than the terminal velocity John Matrix achieved at the Texas mile using an array of commodity hardware in an old Pontiac Fiero. John presented at EVCCON.

  3. Jack,
    It may have only been 200 people, but it sounds like it was the right people to help the EV cause.
    I was in China thinking up irrelavant things, but it was interesting that for the 1st week I couldn’t access EVTV. They finally let me so I guess you checked out OK. At no time could I access Mark Bush’s web site.

  4. Jack,
    Thanks for hosting another EVCCON this year but hopefully not the last one. It has been a hard year for the vendors and builders alike, so those who did attend really displayed their commitment to the cause. Friday night (Saturday Morning) at the shop was the best part of this year’s show for me. It is not everyday you can be in a garage with some of the great minds of the electric car movement debating their differences of opinions in such a civil manor. There is still quite a bit of passion among the innovators of the EV movement.

    Thanks again,


  5. Pierce Stoeckly

    I am sitting here at the SeaTac airport about to board my third plane since leaving Cape Gerardeau; thank you Jack and everyone at EVTV who worked so hard to put this together……A heroic effort.

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    1. Hi Randy,
      I’ve had a peek into this website for the video URL’s. I apologise for not handing them over because Jacks speech of 30 minutes is a crazy 4GB! I expected something like the same with the others. No wonder I couldn’t supply the speed to see the recordings smoothly!
      JACK!!! Especially for your bandwidth costs and other peoples chagrin. Can (or will) you downsize the files to suit the quality of the film?

        1. Hi Jack,
          Is it possible for you post an audio only file of this ?
          This silly JW Player won’t cache anything and doesn’t allow any usable video without a super high-speed broadband connection and NZ only has a 5,000 mile long piece of dental-floss connecting it to the rest of the world !).

        2. Rich Filakousky

          The important part about EVCCON is you are there. Before you put this show on there was nothing like it! There still isn’t. It’s getting the word out there. Go cheaper but keep going! I have learned more living vicariously though you and Brian then I could enumerate. And I have loved every minute of it. Remember COMDEX was once “Geek Week” in Anaheim, CA. Everyone knows nothing came of that little show! I can’t come to EVCCON because of the money and the time away from work. I don’t have a car or a product or a new Idea. I’m a poser at best; plus, I would have to give up my copper foil helmet (I was using Aluminum until I saw yours)! I was not there but I am as excited as hell about the new stuff everyone waited to unveil at the show! There is a reason they waited?

  7. Jack, Brian, Richard – Please accept my sincere gratitude for putting on this excellent event.

    I had feared that this year would be a make or break situation and I too was somewhat dissapointed at the number of attendees but heartened on the other hand to see how many more vehicles had made it to the show, and how many of the attendees from last year were there again. I myself was going to make a call on it and you will be pleased to hear that I for one have decided to make this an annual pilgramage to the Mecca of EV Conversion. I am sure that many of the guys from our neck of the woods (NZ) simply cannot afford to make the trip every year but I hope that I can entice a few more for next year, if it will still be on. It’s about the only vacation I get!

    I have found this year to be invaluable in a couple of ways, much different to last year. With a view to moving ahead in the EV game, the show offers an opportunity for personal interaction and communication with the likes of Sebastian/Steve/Jeff, George Hamstra et al, that I simply would not have had otherwise and simply not reproducable by means of telephone and email. I sincerely hope that there is a way to keep something alive whether it be in a similar vein, or even somthing completely different. I have made some wonderful friends over the last 2 years and the absence of an EVCCON would definitely leave a bit of a hole.
    I would particularly like to thank you Jack, George, Michael Bream and Sebastian,for the valuable advice in regards to my current and future business endeavours, and giving me the will to tough it out.

    1. Odd situation. The first EVCCON started at the behest of Eric Kriss. Eric was building a Speedster and interestingly he was the partner that Mitt Romney started Baine Capital with. We talked about it a little bit and Nick here signed up for it before we even had a WAY to sign up for it. He was the first EVCCON attendee and this year I reminded all of that with a toast to Nick at the shop really even before EVCCON 2012 started. So he’s put me in an awkward position here requesting that the venue continue. There are kharmic penalties to deal with you know.

      We originally envisioned twenty people in the shop and we painted the showroom and put in an overhead projector and everything so we could do sessions in the showroom and then do stuff in the shop.

      The problem was that by the end of March that year, we had 50 people signed up. What you all were unaware of was that Brain and I had a long history doing the ISPCON trade show for the Internet guys. So we did it up in that fashion and I think that surprised many of the 128 original attendees. They kind of went berserk that week.

      So we thought it would grow rather brsikly. Instead we went to about 200 and forty cars.

      Now I have to tell you that is STILL probably the largest REAL electric car show in the country. There are some larger body count gatherings who charge little and most of the people there yowling about electric cars don’t even own one or likely ever will. They would almost all qualify for our copper helmet award.

      We had great energy and great intensity this past week and many new faces. John Metric and Rich Rudman largely came skeptical, and went away pretty wowed by you guys. For one thing, and I think this is a pricing issue frankly, the group is simply one of the NICEST groups of people you will ever be around. Not a sour note among them. Rich Rudman actually told me he expected to be savaged by a hostile crowd at this. Everyone listened to his views politely, and I think learned from them in one way or another. And we wound up drinking some home still in the shop together.

      I was very proud of that. We just dont’ do the booing and hissing and carrying on you see at some gatherings. This was very much more gentlemen and scholars all all the way around and I was enormously gratified by that. If we toned it down and dropped the price, we might get more people, but they would be that pesky other 47% that Romney doesn’t care about. I guess I don’t either.

      The question is, was the underwhelming growth a function of waning interest in DIY electric vehicles in the face of availability of manufactured vehicles, or was it a funciton of the economy.

      I already have an encouraging data point if you care to call it that. Apparently Factory Five’s sales have plummeted in an unheard of manner. This is a kit car company that has nothing to do with electric cars but DOES very much have to do with discretionary income of middle aged white men.

      And as I see the future of conversions as very simliar to the SEMA hot rod/custom car gig, it all starts to make sense. Indeed, I may be looking at the glass half empty when that we grew 80% in numbers is actually a huge win. We may be the only thing that grew at all in 2012.

      Some indication that there is some help out there to morph our “play day” into an actual national dedicated EV race event that runs all day and offers sufficient purse to attract a number of really hot EV drag race cars. That might give it a little more life.

      If we can come up with something else that I can believe will cause a draw, we’ll do it. If I can’t, we probably won’t.

      Let me pose this question to those of you who did NOT come to EVCCON. What would have caused you to make the trip?

      Jack Rickard

      1. Jack, I brought my car to EVCCON last year, but didn’t come back this year. The big reason was money: it cost me $1500 to ship the car out and back, plus two missed days of work. So two things that would probably make me come to a future convention would be:
        1) If you could use your considerable knowledge and connections and somehow organize lower group shipping rates for attendees;
        2) Perhaps switch the conference to some 3-day weekend (like Columbus Day this year, which is a holiday for a lot of people and only a week later) and run the main sessions Fri. – Sun. instead of Thur. – Sat.


      2. For me it was just a timing issue. I closed on a house the Friday of EVCCON. Also, I want to bring my car when I come and it’s all in pieces now. I really thought about driving up just for Saturday but decided to work on the car instead. Sounded great to me and I wish I could have gone.

      3. EVCCON WEST would be good. Plenty of EVS out on this end of the globe. Getting proper vacation for two at the same time is tough. So I sent my Son in my place. Was still there but indirectly. Son had a great time. Learned alot. Traveling is a difficult thing from a great distance. Almost not worth bringing a vehicle. Burning gobbs of gasoline seems a bit counter to the cause. But I am still willing to bring one when I can make it work out vacation wise. Cost I can do.

      4. Hi Jack,
        To answer your query about attendance:
        I simply couldn’t get the time from work. I can only take leave from the AF twice a year: 2 weeks in early June and 2 weeks over the winter holidays. Once-in-a-lifetime exceptions (such as being a finalist in last year’s contest) can be made, but I can’t keep asking for them. I think Bill Dennis’ suggestion of a three-day weekend would have made it possible for more folks to attend, myself included.
        I had an amazing experience last year rubbing shoulders with so many innovators and builders, and I was very disappointed not to be able to attend this year. I look forward to reports from EVTV and other attendees about the details of the product announcements.
        I would encourage you to continue the conferences despite your disappointment in the increase of attendance. It could be that attendance is tracking the adoption curve, especially when you dispense with the copper foil helmet crowd (which I soooo appreciated last year!).
        My $.02,

      5. Jack, in reply to your question about not attending EVCCON 2012. For me coming from Ireland it would be very expensive and from on-line investigation one really needs a car to survive in your home town? My brother and me are fans of your show and it is a constant topic of conversation the wish to attend EVCCON.
        There is a worry I have that in the EU conversions are not possible due to the regulatory capture by existing vehicle manufacturers. The EU is run to suit France and Germany, their interest and their manufacturers – it is regulated beyond belief.
        I was involved in producing an alternative fuel in Ireland for road vehicles. We got over $1M in grant aid etc. and proved the vehicles, production process and the technology. Once the existing players saw that we could be a small threat to them they moved to ensure that the new regulations very neatly but quietly put us out of the business. I fear that, for Europe at least, the same will happen to electric car conversions. Those who make money from fossil fuel vehicles – governments, oil companies and car companies are not going to let anything change any time soon.

          1. The higher you go the less democracy there is. Once you get to union level it’s pretty much just an illusion that’s left. If you get lucky someone sane ends up in a position which makes a difference, but it’s not something you can actually do anything about. Probably it’s a career politician who cares only about his career and thus pleasing the corporations which have money to spend on lobbying.

          2. Anthony. I’m in England so we suffer the same idiots. My reverse trike build has now automagically morphed into a Quasar style motorbike.
            My only wish is the state keeps out of my pocket and out of my face.

          3. Jack, a thought.
            According to the CIA world fact book there are only 3 tiny principalities that have no debt. Effectively the whole world is in debt. So who is/are the creditor(s) and where did they get the money from in the first place?

            Another funny is the price of metals which have moved as fast as 1/3 of the value down in price within 1/3 of a second on the world market. So when they are buying and selling so fast. How far and how fast do the lorries ship this metal?

            And why are the Gov’ts of the world for ever tightening the screws on the people? Surely, if the system of law works, they can all go home, unneeded.

      6. You know, I still paid $1500 bucks plus the admission price to come to the show and did not even come. Now mind you, my Son did show up in my place but hey, I paid and did not even get to be there. EVCCON WEST is in my book for the next show. 🙂

        Matt fully enjoyed the show and learned a whole lot. Got a good fire lit in him. Glad he could be there. It was good for him.

      7. “What would have caused you to make the trip?”

        Well, Cape Girardeau is somewhat of a travel from Denmark. And with these very hard european rules to pass before getting a conversion to pass inspection I have run into a very effective show stopper as far as doing my own conversion. So, for me the answer to the question is economy and not being quite ready to take the dive.

        But I am devoting some time into learning the local rules and the EC regulative inside and out and finding a way to get a conversion on the road. Thomas Edison is quoted: “Nearly every man who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged.”

        Having seen the videos from EVCCON and the comments above have only made me even more sure that EV conversions are the right thing. Jack, you and your team are doing the right thing!. And I hope to be able to see things a little more positively and participate in 2013. 🙂

  8. A friend of mine is a true motor head and could have cared less about electric cars. He endless ragged me for selling a 2008 Corvette to get some funds and clear out some garage space to build my EVThing. He saw this 9 sec 34′ Hot Rod in the June 2012 Edition of Hot Rod magazine…. This one car changed his mind about EV’s….

    You can see the car at:

    If I create a conversion shop, this is the type of cars I want to produce. You have to be able to make them look as good as they run. This means that your sheet metal, body work, interior and painting skills need to be as good (if not better) than your electrical skills. The pay off is that these guys have money and are used to paying through the nose for their toys. It also offers you additional revenue for the shop that has nothing to do with EV’s since you can always work on other Hot Rods…

    Dont have all of those Skills (Who Does?) Why not partner with a local Hot Rod Shop to allow you to work and sell out of their shop. They get the revenue of all of the fab, body, interior and paint work (where the real money is) and you get a fully equipped shop to build EV’s.

    I could easily see EVCCON morphing into a SEMA like event or even eventually merging with it…

  9. I would have loved to come to EVCON, but between demands at work and a tight budget it just wouldn’t be possible. Basically the same reason I haven’t started on a conversion myself. Basically it comes down to having to work more for the same or less pay. The economy sucks and has sucked for the last 4 years. Most people are scrambling harder for less. It’s not just the $ cost of the show itself, but travel, room and board, etc. That said I would worry about making it cost too much less. There’s a reason trade shows have an entry fee as you obviously know. It keeps a few people out who would otherwise attend and contribute what they can, but you’d also attract a lot of looky loos and crazies that would contribute nothing but their copper foil helmet. Perhaps your expectations were set just a little too high, given current circumstances.

    That’s just the way I see it.

  10. What about some sort of National Canon Ball Run. Groups of EV conversions actually driving/racing across the country converging at evccon 2013. It would take a fair about of planning possibly involving rapid charging,

  11. Darryl Allardice

    For what its worth, I thought it was a very high quality conference all around. There was diversity of topics in the presentations, ranging from … EV West’s Pike’s Peak Car build; John Metric’s data plots for getting more power for his Texas mile; Rich Rudman & John Hardy providing data and thoughts on batteries / charging; George Hamstra’s priceless insights on business success; new product announcements from the key players (Netgain Motors, EV Source, Evnetics); and a great panel on EV applications in the boat world (ranging from outboards, to runabouts, to cabin cruisers). Add to all that, the ability for folks to display their creations IN ACTION and back up all the talk with real cars on real tracks measured on real dynos!

    Seems to me this is truly the premiere event in which the evolution of EVs is revealed. Leave the press releases behind, this is for the folks that are changing the world not by words but with real cars. I think a great sign is the number of people that showed cars this year as a DIRECT RESULT of the inspiration and knowledge gleaned from last year’s show. Kevin Heath’s acceptance speech said it all. You’ve talked about the 10% tipping point, at which the battle is won. We win this battle thru geometric growth, one conversion at a time. We are still in the small numbers phase, but the reality is we have tangible traction and progress from last year. I would bet we are still a couple years away from the explosion, and the (lack of) disposible income in this economic climate plays a part in that — but that creates opportunities just as much as it challenges us. Netgain Motors’ announcement of new AC motors is a perfect example of that.

    I believe the seed of the EV future is germinating in these shows. Don’t stop now, let’s keep creating the future!

  12. Jack,

    Thank you for hosting another great event for the EV World! I had a wonderful time with all that attended and learned many new ideas for future EV builds. Team Lithiumaniacs is honored to have EVTV.ME as one of our new 2013 sponsors, we will own the World record.

    I hope after contemplating a month you will start with designing EVCCON 2013. In my opinion the low turn out was due to the failing economy, I know how bad it is out there. I hope to see all at EVCCON 2013.


    Ron Adamowicz

  13. Jack,

    The character of this second EVCCon seemed quite different to me from the first. But I think that was more because I was different this year. Bringing my EV changed what I wanted to accomplish. I just wish the car had been a little more sorted out. I am already looking forward to the next one. Please give my regards to everyone in your organization involved. They did a splendid job!

  14. Aloha Jack, just got back to Hawaii. Thanks so much for putting EVCCON together and pulling it off so well. Over the last half century I have been to hundreds of conferences, workshops, seminiars, etc and have never seen such an array of people with different views on social, political and religeous issues work so well together, almost as one entity. Jack, you are the catylyst that has enabled this to happen. For that we should all be eternally grateful. The exchange of ideas ranging from technical solutions, business issues in setting up a shop etc. and ideas of the exectution of a build plan were all at a top level.
    The vendors in attendance were the players and not some talking heads as we often see many booths in other venues. The ability to exchange ideas and product knowledge was unsurpassed with them, IMHO.
    From my side you and the EVTV crew deserve to take a big bow and get a good nights sleep.
    EVCCON 2013 might look untenable at this point but getting back on a horse that has thrown you also does….till you climb back up a bit wiser and with more determination. its a long drive from Hawaii to Cape and you need a bit of submarine experience to make it 😉 So I don’t expect that I’ll ever bring a car but you got me hooked already for 2013!
    To you Jack and your crew/family & each and everyone of the attendees, be safe, be good and ‘focus’, ‘focus’, ‘focus’ 🙂


  15. Hey All,
    For there to be a next years EVCCON, I believe it’s also a case of:
    Do not ask what EVCCON can do for you but rather,
    Ask what YOU can do for EVCCON!
    We ARE the convention and it’s ambassadors. By letting people around us in on all the goodness we can fan the fires something good!
    Dont underestimate the powers of Narrow-casting your experience to those around you. We call it Narrow because either the viewer knows the source or vica-versa, BUT our reach is many thousands. The fun we are having really sells itself, SO:
    Get on your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (or make one!)
    Post your pictures, videos & thoughts!

    ..and here comes the kicker->

    Share, Like and Subscribe to each others stuff!! YES, that is the point. If we all do it and connect with each other, the Cape -or where ever we next meet- WILL not know WHAT HIT IT!


    1. Agree Anne. I was talking with another EVer about the possibility of getting a group together from the UK – economies of scale with airport parking, car rental and sharing twin rooms. I’ve sent links to the EV West/Pikes Peak and John Matrix Texas mile to a number of folk since coming back

  16. Hi Jack, greetings from Portugal, ever thought about coupling an AC50 with a Warp 9? In theory you would end up with the best of both worlds, a real ev grin. think about that.

  17. Jack – do you think the later date in the year may prevent some from attending EVCCON? By late September some like me have used up vacation time with family visits, so I’m wondering if a Spring or early Summer venue may yield a larger participation? Just a thought.
    Loved the video’s of EVCCON this year!

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