We received a lot of requests from viewers unable to attend EVCCON 2011 for videos of the event. I allowed the world to consider me miserly in not providing this so you would be inspired to pay the $595 and come instead.

But that’s not quite what happened. More likely, you’ve got one old guy who can’t do two things at the same time and doesn’t like to admit it. To VIDEO the event, and then to edit all that down to a presentable and representative video, is a HUGE amount of work. ANd of course putting on such an event is a huge amount of work.

So I had Brian do the huge amount of work to put it on. And I basically drank beer, played with high voltage, and took people on drives – in that order.

We did have an old guy in a straw hat haunting the place. David Kidd is a producer at WSIU PBS television over in Carbondale Illinois. This is a Public Broadcast TV Station affiliated with Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

This past week he released an INFOCUS spot that they aired four times over the past weekend. And actually, it does a remarkable job of capturing the essence of the event and what we do in a single 30 minute video. He must have shot 10 hours of video to get this 30 minutes so it’s all about what you leave in, and of course what you leave out.

They finally put it up on their web site this morning. I thought it was really quite good.



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    1. Nowhere is too far away from EVCCON. We managed to round up 4 people from New Zealand – it is a bit expensive to get there though. I looked up on Google maps and it looks like Perth, Western Australia (or at least in the sea slightly to the west) is pretty much the furthest away you can get. Maybe that is why Jack pays so much in shipping for stuff from EVWorks?

  1. There’s no reason it can’t be picked up nationally. But the focus of the story from their perspective is the “something happening in our own backyard” angle. That doesn’t work quite so well nationally. But it could lead to bigger and better things.


  2. Me too! Of course, it was partly selfish; yours truly made a cameo appearance at 20:20! 🙂

    Great job to everyone who was interviewed for the show. You guys did a great job presenting our arguments!


  3. I’ve kind of quit ordering from EV Works for that reason. Today it was reversed. We had a guy from Australia wanted a meter. But the shipping was $134. Shocking to me.

    I was in Perth twice actually. For the opening of the race season each time.
    I was at a night club and a guy named Ricky Mae was performing. He put me and another guy in grass skirt as part of some sort of comic bit but we ran away with the show. Started singing some songs and rowdy down all about for something like 40 minutes. He completely lost control of his show. Sat down thinking we’d wind down in a minute but we carried on for some time. The crowd loved it and we drank for the rest of the import period for free anywhere in town.

    Good liberty if you can get it. Emu lager.

    It’s Australian for Beer, eh?

    A whole country where they love to drink, sing and fight and they are very poor at fighting and singing….. how was THAT going to turn out for me????????

  4. Congratulations to David Kidd! Nice job! And to Jack and Brian for all the beer and hard work! 😉

    Full disclosure: I produced and directed several shows for WSIU and graduated from SIU in 1974!

    Thanks so much Jack!

  5. Many of 2011 EVCCON EVs are comfortable with their range comparable to Bertha Benz’s first long-distance trip (104km = 66 mi) which lead to first production of ICE powered automobiles (Automotive industry’s history at Wikipedia).

    This year’s EVCCON has an opportunity to stress out to the world, through ENDURO expedition, what EVs are capable of even coming out of garages of EV conversion enthusiasts.

    When could worlds OEMs total production of around 50 million/year of ICE vehicles and total number of around 900 millions of them on the roads fulfill needs for planetary mobility through EVs?

    Even if Mr.Ghosn’s goal is reached, by 2020 Nissan-Renault EV’s sales of 500,000 EVs (contemporary ICE global sales are about 60 Million), without EV conversions I don’t see when would OEMs be in position to offer enough EVs to the market.

    EVTV’s EVCCON could grow beyond the OPEC meetings importance, in the years to come, and reach a power-to-the-people magnitude.

  6. Posted in Facebook as well. I agree it is a wonderful piece. They included wonderful information and highlighted well the enthusiasm we all share for the future. And we didn’t all look like tree huggers to boot!

    Alas, you can’t win them all. The NPR sound bite from me was an ineloquent quote, but had my name right. This time I feel my two cents were much better spent, though couldn’t afford justice to my name.

    While watching it I had a tingle of enthusiasm I haven’t felt watching a tv piece since the golden days of discovery channel when I was in grade school. I hope this reaches a wide audience!

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