GEVCU7 Overview

Hardware Overview:

GEVCU7 is based around a Teensy MicroMod controller card (the red card in the above picture). This card runs at 600MHz, has 16MB of FLASH, and 1M of RAM. There is a microSD slot directly interfaced to the processor over a high speed connection. This can be used for firmware upgrades as well as logging. The main processor links to an ESP32 module which is used to provide a WiFi interface over which the system can be monitored or configured. There are three CAN buses. One is isolated, one is standard, and one is CAN-FD capable. There are 8 analog inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 12 digital inputs.

Software Overview:

The provided open source firmware is Arduino compatible, just like all the previous GEVCU versions. However, this version does require that Teensyduino be installed. Use of our reference software is not necessary but should provide a vast headstart over attempting to create VCU software from scratch. Our firmware already has support for several pieces of EV hardware and more are being added as time goes on. Adding devices to GEVCU7’s codebase is now easier than ever. Now modules can be added without having to update anywhere else in the code – merely create a new module, put it in the source code directories, and it will link into the system and be able to be used. There are several example devices already implemented which can be used as a starting point.


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