September 13th – 17th, 2023

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Hold the presses. Mark your calendars.

Strike up the band. It’s official…

The Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON) is back! 

This September from Wednesday the 13th through Sunday the 17th you are invited to attend the redux of the original event conceived by tech innovator and evangelist, Jack Rickard. The driving force behind Boardwatch Magazine, EVTV Motor Verks, the Friday Show, and the EVCCON, Jack, predicted the rise of PC communications which paved the  way to the global adoption of the internet and his early identification and championing of electric drive as the future of transportation.

Times have changed since the last event. And so have we. Jack is no longer with us but his expertise, passion, and willingness to share his knowledge and experiences, as well as his outspoken and sometimes controversial opinions on electric vehicles, renewable energy, and the future of transportation lives on in his daughter Jackie, who heads up the operation.

This latest iteration of the EVCCON will also include the EVTV Open House, the Jack Rickard Memoriam, and the Summer Yard Sale. In addition to the usual fun and frolic, the event will dive into All Things Electric including Solar Power, Electric Vehicles, and Off-The-Grid Living, as well as the Culture, Personalities, and Current Events of the “Electric Lifestyle.”

Those attendees who were lucky enough to be a part of the previous EVCCONs understand the power of this event which challenged the conventional wisdom that still stands. Back in 2011, Jack predicted that in 10-14 years, electric vehicles would reach the “tipping point,” where EV sales would build and economies of scale would force the price down. In fact, it makes more sense today to buy a new EV than to build one. That said, the DIY electric custom vehicle and restomod market is on serious fire today due – in part – to the availability of parts on the EVTV Store, as well as over 500 videos EVTV has produced.

In the spirit of the original events – which was the proposition wherein we need a group of dedicated people to be at the forefront of adoption – solar has now reached the same point: We need the proverbial “hundred thousand guys to go into their garage…” build the new solar infrastructure for themselves “and show it to their neighbors and friends…” Government and industry, education and incentives are NOT going to be enough to reach the new tipping point in solar. In fact, we’ve seen the status quo time, and time again, fight the adoption curve “every step of the way… right up to the point where they claimed they’d invented it.”

So, why should you come to the EVCCON? Well, we mentioned fun and frolic. Yes, there’ll be that. How about location? It’ll be held at the EVTV Motor Verks, so there will be plenty of time to hang out at the shop.  In addition we are also planning networking opportunities, educational sessions, a behind-the-scenes look at how we produce our new podcast ‘the EVTV Experience’, an autocross, a car show, a parade… Possibly a drag race. Did we leave anything out? 

How about a barbeque Friday night down the street at the “Captain’s House?”

Tickets are available on the store for $199 – A real bargain for everything it includes.. For accommodations, we’ve secured a deal with a local hotel, Auburn Place, for $84 a night which includes complimentary breakfast every morning (Just ask for the EVCCON rate.) They also have ground-floor rooms which open right up to the parking lot. We’ll also have food trucks on site for anyone who’d like to buy lunch throughout the day.

But the best reason to attend EVCCON is to be in the company of like-minded souls for nearly a week. . Passionate individuals who understand what’s at stake, who feel empowered and inspired to share with others – and the world – the benefits of electrifying the transportation system and in moving the power-grid forward… To “FREE themselves of the tyranny of the entrenched … money structure”, as Jack put it.

So in the words of the famous SoCal track announcer “Be there!” … or be lame as you go forth telling others how you ‘remember hearing about it’ back in the day.

EVTV = 10^26W


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