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Life in LiFePo4 – Cycle Life and Attenuation Data

Kind of a late blog entry. Busy week with Rickard Electric Speedster design. The May 28th show rounded up a lot of little parts such as the accelerator – with a little valet function box I refer to as “daughter mode.” [jwplayer file=”news052810-1280 –” hd.file=”” image=”” streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp” html5_file=” –” download_file=””] The basic …

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April 16 Friday Show

This week we digress a bit from vehicle issues and take a look at the progression of LiFePo4 cell offerings over the past two years. ¬†We also do some full 1C discharge and charge tests on the cells. The first cell in this series is a Thundersky TS-LFP160AH cell we purchased about 18 months ago. …

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