Green Envy and Carbon Footprint


This from viewer and Speedster Electric builder Eric Kriss:

Brain and I are practicing our diction and enunciations so we can sound just like our superheroes, GREEN ENVY and CARBON FOOTPRINT.

Jack Rickard

5 thoughts on “Green Envy and Carbon Footprint”

  1. No please don’t change the way you talk. As an Englishman I prefer a rich down-home chuckle to a sanitised East Coast accent. If we can’t have Eton and Oxford, then Chuck Yeager is much easier to listen to than Ivy League.

  2. I agree on the cute pissed off part. Besides this style of animation is what the “kids” are playing with. just one 21 year old wrenching on an EV instead of a 5.0 liter and its a good thing 🙂

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