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    Vivo is a Sony Picture Animation-made American animated musical film. This movie had its Netflix premiere, and the cast included both rookies and actors with well-known voices from Vivo. Many of the actors in the whole Vivo ensemble have performed on stage before, so viewers may be familiar with them. An important part of the making of movies was played by the multi-talented actor Lin Manuel Miranda.A Kinkajou named Vivo, who is a family-friendly animal, sets off on a quest to grant his master’s final request.There are many well-known actors and musicians in the Vivo cast, as well as a newbie. Yanairaly Simo portrays Gabi, Vivo’s endearing partner throughout the entire film. She is a budding actress who has begun to make her mark.

    Vivo Cast: Real Name And Age Of The Entire Voice Artists

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