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    Practical recommendations for writing
    In order to write a quality and correct dissertation, you need to adhere to the following practical recommendations.

    Writing a dissertation implies a clear formulation of the scheme of work, which will be a preparation for the main process of creating a scientific work.
    The author initially needs to determine for himself or herself the main goals and objectives that will be carried out in the research activity.
    It is required to clearly identify the main possibilities of solving the problems that will appear in the process of writing a dissertation for the author of the scientific work.
    It is necessary to make a plan and formulate all the main questions for writing a thesis, only then it is possible to write down the main idea of the scientific work in one sentence (“Message” letter to the reader). The sentence should consist of 20 to 25 words.
    Before writing a dissertation, the author must determine for himself “what he wants to say with his work?”
    The dissertation writing should then focus near the main goal of the scholarly work, which was determined by the author during the planning phase of the scholarly endeavor.
    The section “Materials and methods of research” should be written as competently and briefly as possible. The section should indicate only the main points, which describe the research conducted by the author.
    The main problems and issues of scientific work should be formulated before the main research. It is necessary to understand what actions will be required to get answers to the thesis questions.
    Mo identify the main grounds and results of the scientific work.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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